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We tailor our self storage consulting approach to your financial goals, the market you are in, and your storage facility's product type. We have worked on hundreds and hundreds of sites, so we know what to do.  We have a suite of self storage services available for you to use, and excellent partnerships with every reputable self storage vendor in the industry. 

Why Self Storage Strategies?


Our mix of experiences means we can find the best way to maximize your self storage investment. Contact us and start a conversation about self storage consulting and self storage services. We'll help you find the best strategies for moving forward. We are often quoted as a subject matter expert in places such as the Sparefoot Storage Beat. 

Our Team

Lead Consultant & Managing Partner


Self Storage Strategies is a self storage consulting joint venture between Store Here and Tron Jordheim. Tron Jordheim leads the efforts to provide self storage services and is the lead consultant. The managing partners at Store Here and the Store Here resource team are available as projects require. A great team working on great projects. 

Tron Jordheim, a self storage influencer

Some of the conferences where Tron Jordheim was featured:

US Self Storage Association National Fall Meeting

US Self Storage Association National Spring Meeting

US Self Storage Association Executive Ski Workshop

Self Storage Asia Conference

Canadian Self Storage Association 

Self Storage Association United Kingdom

Self Storage Association of Spain

Inside Self Storage World Expo

California Self Storage Association

Arizona Self Storage Association

Texas Self Storage Association

Florida Self Storage Association

Georgia Self Storage Association

Maine Self Storage Association

Illinois Self Storage Association

New York Self Storage Association

New Jersey Self Storage Association

Michigan Self Storage Association

Wisconsin Self Storage Association

Missouri Self Storage Association

Kansas Self Storage Association

Self Storage Investing Academies

Arkansas Self Storage Association

South Carolina Self Storage Association

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Self Storage Strategies

Giving Back

A portion of proceeds goes to these great organizations

Kureit. Kureit Cancer Research has put millions of dollars into finding cures for cancer. Tron worked with Kureit founder Barry Hoeven to put on fund raisers in the past such as the Self Storage Hawai'i un-Conference, and Toes for a Kure. 

Science Camps of America. Long time self storage icon and tech entrepreneur, Michael Richards, created this science camp for kids so he can spread the wonder of science study through experiential learning. 

The Nature Conservancy. What is the point of all of our good work and smart business decisions if we don't have an abundance of pristine natural places everywhere?


Why use Self Storage Strategies?

What has Tron Jordheim done in the self storage business?

A top level self storage insider since the year 2000, Tron has a very good feel for market conditions and business cycles. Because of his position at the time, he saw the crash of 2008 coming in June of 2007. All the numbers and trends and customer behaviors he was watching looked wrong.  He was serving  a dual role as Senior VP of Sales and Marketing for for one of the largest privately held self storage companies in the world  and as the director of  it’s call center subsidiary. The call center at its peak answered for more than 5,000 self storage facilities across North America.  The data he looked at in June of 2007 indicated that the US was on the cusp of a large business interruption. He brought these concerns to the board, and preparations were made for running the business in an economic downturn. His analysis, his warnings, and the preparation work he was involved with were the reasons many storage operators survived and thrived in that downturn. It is a long story that could become a mini series some day.

Tron Jordheim has accomplished much in the self storage world. Just google tron jordheim and enjoy the variety of things you’ll find. His LinkedIn profile page has a lot of other interesting things you can explore. You can also look at his author page on Amazon to see the two books he wrote on self storage. The first, “Rent it Up’ is still being used today by storage operators as a foundation for their sales strategy and  training. The second, “The First Rule of Selling...” is about how the company he worked with retooled its business and made a transition to digital marketing the core of its recession survival strategy. 

Tron is  a recognized expert in the industry. As a thought leader, he has been a keynote speaker and session leader for self storage association conferences in Hong Kong, the US, the UK, Spain, and Canada. He has presented at countless state self storage associations meetings and have been a featured speaker at the Inside Self Storage World Expo for 18 years in a row. 

He acts as a consultant to companies both within and outside of the self storage industry. He recently worked with several major players in different industries helping them set up sales systems and contact centers. 

As a Senior VP at a top self storage company, He became one of the key drivers of innovation in the industry.

He was on the merger team that integrated 40 plus Canadian properties into a US based portfolio in the fall of 2008 and Spring of 2009, as the economy was heading into deep trouble. 

He was a part of the team that developed one of the first large in-house protection plans in the storage business.  He administered that plan for its first several years, including taking partial responsibility for its legal framework, marketing, claims and payouts. He is a small part of the reason that the California Supreme Court recently moved to allow protection plans to continue as a non-insurance activity. His successful testimony at an inquiry at the Kentucky Department of Insurance was instrumental in creating a broad consensus opinion across many jurisdictions that a protection plan is not an insurance product. This is also a long story for another mini series.  

Jordheim worked on the team that negotiated the eminent domain terms for a large self storage property in Brooklyn, NY that became part of the Barclay Center project. His involvement helped gain favorable terms for compensation for the costs and chaos of moving 1,200 storage tenants out of a large building within a 90 day window. 

He was a major innovator in the internet and digital marketing platforms and  helped lead the industry into the digital age. 

As a pioneer in search engine marketing, He was a speaker at several marketing conferences where he showed how  innovative strategies absolutely dominated search results in selected markets. 

He also founded the first major self storage lead generating website to respond to the enormous number of leads that the call center created for markets outside of our parent company’s markets. The startup was abandoned as the technology at that time was still too unsophisticated to allow for scale. They were faxing leads to storage operators. Imagine that. 

He founded and led a call center under the parent company's guidance that had 1,000 independently operated self storage clients plus the 165 parent company sites as  main “clients”.  They also handled all the calls for the industry’s largest lead generation website. This online lead generator started after technology improved and replaced the lead generator concept Tron was working on years earlier.  In total the call center took calls for over 5,0000 self storage sites at our peak. We had Spanish, French and Mandarin language agent groups. The call center also provided sales training and secret shopping services across the industry and had clients in seven countries. The call center was sold in 2015 as part of a restructuring effort by the parent company. 

Jordheim has supported the industry and its associations. He was the first chairperson of the SSA's Affiliated Associations Council.

Some of the self storage innovations Tron Jordheim can claim a role in:

Telephone and online rentals: His group was one of the first operators to perfect immediate telephone and online rentals. 

VIdeo operated properties: His team was one of the first operators to have virtual managers working with two way video to manage low traffic stores.

The Hawai’i Self Storage  unconference: an elite gathering of self storage pros that took place twice in Hawai’i. People who made connections at these conferences are still doing deals together to this day. 

Kiosk-in-your-pocket: His group was one of the first operators to push transactions to mobile phones in order to make renting storage easier and more cost effective. 

Why work with Store Here?

The three principals at Store Here have more than 75 years of self storage experience between them and have worked on hundreds of projects.