Self Storage Acquisition


We are buyers.

We are interested in existing self storage sites of 30,000 NRSF or more in The United States. Any markets. Any vintage. All drive-up storage units, or all interior storage units. It's all good. 

We have a great reputation for a straightforward process, and for keeping good communication going with the seller.

How do you want the transaction to look?

We can buy your site with all cash. We can do a lease-to-buy. We can set up a phased buy-out. We can purchase some or all of the shares of the LLC that holds the property and the business. We can  buy out existing partners and leave your shares intact.  We can take over management of the property with the first right of refusal on a purchase. If you'd like to owner-finance, we can do that too. Or maybe you have another idea? 

Let's start a conversation and see what works best. 

We like joint ventures and co-investments.

Maybe you are buying a site, developing a site, or doing a conversion and want an equity partner with a wide skill set?  Let's talk about that. 

Stabilized, In Lease-Up, Distressed, or at C of O.

Who doesn't like buying a stabilized asset? We sure like that. But sometimes a distressed asset makes sense. Often times a newer site that is still in lease-up is very attractive. Sometimes the numbers work on a Certificate of Occupancy deal on a new development or a conversion. There is almost always a range where the  buyer and the seller can make the numbers work. 

Contact us and let's start a conversation. 

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Self Storage For Sale

"List Self Storage" Users and Members get discounts from us.

Email List Self Storage at and ask for a special discount code to save on market studies and feasibility reports from Self Storage Strategies. 

List Self Storage is an excellent marketplace for finding self storage properties for sale. 

Self Storage Acquisition


Interested in Buying a Self Storage Site?

Contact us before you start looking and we can help you make good decisions about your self storage acquisition strategy.  One self storage acquisition strategy can differ from another quite a bit depending on investment goals, prior experience, plans for management, and partnership arrangements.  

We've formed joint ventures and done co-investing with people in the past.  We are open to the many possibilities that come from early conversations with people interesting in starting or expanding a self storage portfolio. 

Self storage acquisition assistance for buyers and sellers!

Our self storage acquisitions group is looking for existing self storage properties for sale in all the lower 48 United States and Hawaii. We have a very good reputation for a straightforward process and uncomplicated closings. 

The principals of our RHW Capital Management Group and our Store Here Management  team have acquired hundreds of properties over the years.  

We can come up with a valuation range without  much drama. 

All we need to see  in order to evaluate a self storage acquisition is 

-a trailing 12 month P&L  

-the most recent 2 month's month-end management summary reports

-a unit mix report, and 

-your most recent real estate tax bill. 

Do you have a storage facility you want to buy now?

Don't take another step without ordering a market study or feasibility report. Depending on where you are in the process, and what sort of analysis you've already completed, you might want to do a Quick Look Study to start, or one of the more comprehensive studies. 

Any self storage acquisition is full of opportunity and risk. Let our consultant help you evaluate and balance the self storage acquisitions opportunities and risks.  

Looking for a market to enter?

If you don't have a specific site in mind, but are interested in self storage acquisitions in a particular market area, we can help.  Order one of our market studies or reports from our consultant and make sure that the area where you are looking provides a high probability of success. Many a self storage acquisition has gone sour because proper analysis did not happen early in the process. 

Preparing a Disposition?

Our team has worked on some of the biggest and most interesting self storage portfolio dispositions in the industry. A good self storage acquisition plan includes a variety of good options for disposition. We can help you formulate your plan. and advise you along the way.  

We have the capital and the ability to be the buyer of your portfolio, too. Let's talk. Our consultant can help make your self storage acquisitions profitable for you. 



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Store Here in Pantego Texas

One great self storage strategy is a frontage renovation for an older site. Our self storage place near Pantego, TX will look like this after its renovation in 2019. A good self storage acquisition can add to the local community. Tell us your strategy for buying or selling.  Our self storage acquisitions consultant can help.