Great Self Storage Sites in the USA

Our Self Storage Sites

Tron Jordheim, the Managing Partner of Self Storage Strategies, is not just a guy who's worked on great self storage projects for great self storage companies, he is also an investor in some great self storage sites. He is currently a partner in the group of great self storage partnerships listed below.

Great Self Storage Sites

Self Storage near Mercer University

The Store Here self storage site near Mercer University in Macon, GA is one of the more centrally located self storage sites in Macon, and offers a wide range of unit sizes.  It attracts a wider customer base than just students. Our storage units in Macon, GA have customers from every walk of life and every stage of home ownership.  Our storage facilities near universities and colleges do have a special feel right before summer break when there is a lot of action on the property. 

Storage near Riverside Drive, Macon

Store Here also has a very nice site across town. This is the closest self storage facility to Riverside Drive in Macon, GA.  I t serves a busy part of town with a mix of business and residential customers using its storage units. It has had some recent updates and competes nicely with other storage facilities in the area. Owning and managing several self storage sites in the Macon, GA area gives us a good feel for the market. 

Self Storage in Jackson, GA

This self storage site near Jackson, Georgia  is the third of our self storage sites located in central Georgia. The dynamic growth of population and business in Georgia has been good to us. The demand for storage units is growing at a respectable pace and our storage facilities continue to do well. 

Kingston, Massachusetts Self Storage

Store Here runs the self storage property near Kingston, MA.  It sits close enough to the shore that you can hear the waves breaking if the wind is blowing in the right direction.  It received an update to its office and storage units. Like many storage facilities near Kingston, MA, it has primarily drive-up units. We hope to add more self storage sites to our portfolio from the northeastern states. 

Pantego Texas Self Storage

The Store Here Self Storage site in Pantego, Texas sits right near Arlington on a very busy thoroughfare with great exposure.  Who doesn't like being in the DFW area?  There are a lot of storage facilities nearby, but the population growth and the bustling businesses that keep up with the population growth mean there is a brisk demand for storage units in the Arlington and Pantego areas.  We would like to add more self storage sites in the DFW area to help serve the ever growing needs of consumers. 

What's next?

Maybe we can acquire one or more self storage sites from you and it would show up on this list, too. Why not?  Even if you aren't ready to sell your storage facilities today, let's talk.  A couple of the sites listed here took many conversations over a long period of time to purchase. Buying storage units works best when you develop the trust and rapport needed to make a good win-win transaction happen. 

Let's talk self storage